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Try Intimate Lover - What Sort Of Lover Are You?

Intimate Lover reports provide insights into your erotic nature with an honest look at your sexuality, the way you behave towards your lover, what you need from a partner, find most exciting and important about making love.

A report that'll change your
attitude to Sex forever!

Intimate Lover Report

What making love means to you ~
The way you 'perform' and react to your lover ~
Thoughts and self expression when making love ~
What you value and need most in your partner ~
Know the driving force of your sexuality ~
Your capacity and desire for lovemaking ~
Awkwardness or possible inhibitions

All About Your Sex Life

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Share Your Intimate Lover report with your partner

For maximum enjoyment from your sexual relationship try sharing your Intimate Lover reports with each other. Revealing exactly what you find most exciting and the best way to arouse your partner to the max! Intimate Lover reports written by Eric Biss

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