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Access Demo Store Home page below - includes free promotional astrology reports on variety of topics with in house discounts for dual report offers and multiple report packages. Revenue share license options available. Email database collection and user admin logs all your sales.

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How to Order Astrology Reports

Ordering is easy - follow these steps:

1. Select the Astrology Report you wish to purchase.
2. Fill in form details as requested.
3. You will have the opportunity to check that details are correct before continuing.
4. Fill in Credit / Debit Card or PayPal payment details.
5. Note your order number in case there is a query about your order.
6. After payment: Astrology Report orders will be available immediately to view on screen and download as well as emailed to you.

Ordering is through PayPal secure payment gateway.

General Payment Queries - FAQ's

Question: How do I know if my payment has gone through?
Answer: You will receive a WorldPay / PayPal transaction confirmation email showing details of the purchase you have made, including a purchase Transaction ID.

If you receive more than one email and you have only made one purchase, please contact the website from which you made the purchase, and inform them that you have placed multiple orders by mistake. They will be able to arrange a refund, if necessary, and answer any other queries you have about your order.

Question: Can I pay by cheque or over the phone?
Answer: PayPal can accept payment online only by debit or credit card or with PayPal's own payment method.

Question: Do you accept Visa Electron cards?
Answer:  Yes, select VISA when prompted for your card type.

Question: Your system says that my card number is invalid
Answer: Please double-check your card number, and make sure you are not including any spaces. The number we require is the long number that spans the width of your card. The number will be 15 or more digits, depending on your card type.

My query can't be answered by any of the FAQs - now what do I do?

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