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Ultimate Relationship - Discover True Compatibilty

16 Personal Reports Package to Help
You Get On Better Together

Ultimate Relationship Astrology Report Package

Special Report Package Save 50% when
compared to ordering 16 reports separately
Ultimate Relationship $179.60

Find out what really makes your relationship work

How you feel and behave towards each other

Discover exactly how each of you relates and gets on with your partner, helping to build a successful foundation for your relationship together. Now is the always the most useful time to get your Ultimate Relationship package.

Enjoy being together much more when you fully understand the way each of you feels and behaves towards one another. Be happy together in knowing that nothing is a problem that cannot be resolved if that is what you both want. This package helps you identify the things about you that you both share and have in common and can help strengthen and build a long term relationship.

What's in your Ultimate Relationship Package?

  • (1) Soul Mates - Is This True Love?
  • (2) Star Lovers - The Secret of a Better Relationship
  • (3/4) Soul Scope x 2 - The True Nature of Your Soul
  • (5/6) Soul Guide Year Trends x 2 – Future Experiences
  • (7/8) Intimate Lover x 2 - How Sexy Are You?
  • (9/10) Lovers Guide x 2 - Is This The Year For Love ?
  • (11/12) Young Life x 2 - Developing Your most Positive Talents
  • (13/14) Life Destiny x 2 - Confirms What's Important About YOU
  • (15/16) Predictor 12 Months x 2 - Know How To Plan Ahead

(1) Soul Mates - Is This True Love? – Discover what excites you both about being together as well as the more subtle interactions between you, how you really get on as a couple and if it will last. Enjoy your intimate moments much more by knowing how well matched you are, your genuine potential for happiness and the 'closeness' of your relationship. Written by Lyn Birkbeck.

(2) Star Lovers - The Secret of a Better Relationship - confirms how you feel about each other, revealing more of your lover's secret passions than you ever imagined possible. Make a success of being together and understanding how close you really are by seeing your relationship from each person's point of view and exactly what it is you both need from each other. Written by John Hayes.

(3/4) Soul Scope X 2 - The True Nature of Your Soul – knowing how the various influences of your spiritual nature combine together will help you make the most of your emotional and relating skills as well as discover unique abilities that can be awakened. Your Soul Scope report has twelve chapters detailing the truly mystical side of your spiritual nature. Written by Lyn Birkbeck.

(5/6) Soul Guide Year Trends X 2 - Exceptional Future Experiences – Each soul-searching forecast provides details of possible future experiences, with interpretations that flag up the most influential and significant planetary events that will help you identify life-changing and remarkable times in your life. Make sure you're in tune with your personal heart felt desires. Written by Lyn Birkbeck.

(7/8) Intimate Lover X 2 - How Sexy Are You? - An honest look at your sexuality, helps you understand the way you behave towards your lover and what it is you find most exciting and important about making love as well as exactly what you need from them as a sexual partner, with details of the best way to arouse your partner to the max! Written by Eric Biss.

(9/10) 12 Month Lovers Guide X 2 - Is This The Year For Love? - a reliable guide to successful dating outlining the most unique and pleasurable characteristics you possess as a lover, when to make yourself available for that important date as well as any other romantic or social activity with the best days for love detailed during the coming year and what to look for in a potential partner. Written by Rel Starman.

(11/12) Young Life x 2 - Developing Your most Positive Talents - recognition and development of the qualities you possess from a child. A Young Life report shows how you have developed over your life up until now and the future possibilities regarding your emotional and feeling nature, communication skills, assertiveness, career and ambitions and that have led to you becoming what you are today. Written by Tom Brosnan.

(13/14) Life Destiny x 2 - Confirms What's Important About YOU - The things you value most - your sensitivity, how you communicate with others - your relating skills, your attitudes and beliefs, how to make the most of your abilities and find the inspiration that will motivate and challenge you to adjust to changes in the coming years ahead. Same as Personality with Astrological terms. Written by Rel Starman.

(15/16) Predictor 12 Months x 2 - Know How To Plan Ahead - with precise timing of events, Predictor shows you the windows of opportunity and understanding which you can easily miss. Life, in common with the planets, moves in cycles, knowing when those cycles begin and end can be important when it comes to planning ahead. Predictor details the planetary cycles and what they mean to you. Same as Forecaster with Astrological terms. Written by Rel Starman.

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